The Shoulder Clinic at DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO CARE will aim to offer patient friendly information with regard to common shoulder complaints including Diagnosis, Cause, Treatment and After Care (including prevention). Shoulder pain is suffered by a vast number of people; it is a problem which becomes more common with age.

Most of us undertake our everyday activities without giving a thought to how we use our shoulders, however anyone who has experienced shoulder pain understands just how vital the joint’s role is to daily living.

shoulder clinic at DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO CARE is dedicated to the provision of expert and patient focused care for a full range of disorders of the shoulder. The clinic is run by DR.KETAN SHELAR who is of highly qualified and experienced Medical Professional. His team comprises of a Fellowship trained shoulder surgeon, specialist anaesthetists, physiotherapists and musculoskeletal radiologists. Common treatment includes:

• Rotator cuff surgery

• Sports injuries

• Dislocations and instability

• Joint Replacement Surgery

• Degenerative and arthritic problems

• Fracture Surgery