Over 4 million people above 60 yrs and over 6 million people across all age groups need help for knee disorders. DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO-CARE Orthopaedic Clinic provides a 360°approach to knee pain, right from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation.

Before beginning any treatment, it is essential that your doctor gets a clear picture of the knee’s condition to make a diagnosis. To this effect, dr.shelar’s ortho care orthopaedic Clinic offers Knee Check programs. Dr.shelar’s ortho-care ,orthopaedic clinic provides advanced diagnostic modalities to help our DR.KETAN SHELAR who is internationally trained orthopedic surgeon,to pinpoint the cause of knee pain in every patient. These include the Advanced Knee Check and advanced arthroscopic procedures. DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO-CARE Orthopaedic Clinic provides state of the art surgical facilities manned by a team of medical professionals exclusively trained to take care of knee surgery patients. Treatment options include knee replacement surgery and arthroscopic (key-hole) repairs.

The Disease Management program strives to improve and maintain people’s health while reducing future complications from diseases. Your diagnosis and treatment will be monitored with monthly assessments of your knee’s health. Physiotherapists will visit your residence* every month to review your adherence to the treatment, to ensure that your knee is well on its way to recovery.