DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO CARE orthopedic clinic – is a multidisciplinary specialized center of treatment of all your ORTHOPAEDIC problems situated in vishrantwadi .
There is a center of Arthroscopy clinicJoint replacement surgery clinic, Osteoporosis clinic, Shoulder clinic, Knee clinic, Foot & Ankle clinic, Back & Spine clinic, The clinic of Pediatric Orthopaedic SurgeryThe Old Age Orthopaedic careSports Clinic, Physiotherapy & rehabilitation.
The quality of care and focus on the patient – the basis of its work. Specialists Dr. Ketan Shelar of ORTHO – CARE ORTHOPAEDIC clinic provide competent medical care in the field of general orthopedics, and in the broader areas of super specialties.
Following the principle of continuity, emergency assistance, and rehabilitation, the clinic is working closely as the Rehabilitation Clinic as well.
This guarantees an optimal care of patients at all stages of treatment Center Highlights
• Surgeon Dr. Ketan Shelar is with advanced qualifications and specialist training in joint reconstruction & arthroscopy sports medicine
He has a Comprehensive team approach with state-of-the-art surgical techniques and equipment
He is Dedicated to Orthopaedic research and education
He uses evidence-based methods in evaluation and treatment.


Dr. Ketan Shelar is internationally acclaimed and internationally trained under Professor Dr. Ramon Cugat from Barcelona, Spain and Professor Dr. Maurilio Marcacci , Instito ortopedico , Bologna , Italy. Dr. Ketan Shelar is a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery from Maharashtra university of health science year 2004.

He is the qualified orthopedic surgeon from a college of physicians & surgeons of Bombay, a diploma holder in orthopedics 2006 and fellow of college of physicians and surgeons of  Bombay, in the year 2008. He has experience of working as a basic Trauma Orthopedic surgeon from KEM Hospital Pune. He did his Advance Trauma Training From H.Bhagwati Hospital Mumbai. further, he got trained in pediatric orthopedics from All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. P.D Hinduja Hospital Mumbai trained him in joint replacement surgeries and Revision joint Replacement surgeries. further, he came back to Pune and got trained in Arthroscopy from Jehangir – Apollo Hospital Pune India. He was invited by Hospital Quiron Barcelona Spain in the field of Sports medicine and growth factor. meanwhile, he was selected fellow in orthopedic surgery from a university of kairo- Egypt , Jordan University Middle East , Austrian University, Pilgrim Hospital , Boston-London, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Currently he is proud to serve his motherland, INDIA.


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Joint Replacement Clinic

This surgery is a procedure of orthopedic surgery in which the dysfunctional joint part is replaced.

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sports Clinic

Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes in major sporting events. due to overuse of a part of the body.

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Physiotherapy Clinic

The DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO CARE orthopaedic clinic offers a full treatment of rehabilitation service.

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Paediatric Clinic

Small kid at your home is life of a family and is a reason to smile always.

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Foot & Ankle Clinic

We have a multifaceted approach to foot and ankle pain, conditions and treatment.

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Accident & Fracture Clinic

A broken bone or fracture can occur for a variety of reasons, including auto accidents, slip.

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Back Pain Clinic

ORTHO-CARE will help make the proper diagnosis to your pain in the most conservative way possible.

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Growth Factor Clinic

Autologous blood products have created a growing interest for use in a number of Orthopaedic therapies.

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knee Clinic

The knee is the most important joint and determines the range of mobility in a patient.

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Old Age Orthopedics Clinic

The knee is the most important joint and determines the range of mobility in a patient.

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Osteoporosis Clinic

clinical research efforts focus on finding better ways to maintain bone health, prevent it.

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Shoulder Clinic

Shoulder surgery is a means of treating injured shoulders. Many surgeries have been developed .

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Dr. Shelar Orthocare in Vishrantwadi, Pune

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