DR.SHELAR’S ORTHO –CARE- ORTHOPAEDIC CLINIC specializes in relieving the pain and other symptoms of spinal conditions through our multi-specialty approach to spine care. When back and neck pain force you to put your life on hold – preventing you from participating in everyday activities – you deserve the best in spine sub-specialty care. ORTHO-CARE will help make the proper diagnosis and alleviate your pain in the most conservative way possible. When surgery is required, our HIGHLY QUALIFIED,SKILFULLY-trained spine surgeons will bring both extensive experience as well as cutting edge techniques and technology to your care.

our goal is always to improve your quality of life, decrease or even eliminate pain, and improve function through early diagnosis, a definitive treatment plan, and close monitoring of your progress.

The first step in our approach to care is an accurate diagnosis. Although the common symptom of all back problems is pain, the underlying cause of that pain can be as different as each individual affected. So we will take you through our clinically proven evaluation protocols to help understand the cause of your problem and establish an effective treatment plan.

Treatment could be rehabilitation, medication, or surgery. In some cases, it could be all three. Ortho care’s Spine Center patients can be confident that we will take the most conservative, least-invasive approach to care – choosing the treatment that will achieve the best and longest-lasting results.

When surgery can be avoided, we use a combination of therapies, including medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and interventional pain management. When surgery is the best course of action, you can be confident that surgeon DR KETAN SHELAR is well experienced and current on the best surgical techniques being practiced.